Ronnie Walka


From getting his first real break in the studio with World Renowned Hip Hop artist like Sticky Fingers and Fredro Star of Onyx and Producers like DR Period to his continuous bookings to date one might easily call Ronnie Walka a world class entertainer.  Ronnie Walka is a captivating multi-talented, old soul whose artistry taps into the lost art of Rhythm and Blues. The American born celebrity photographer, actor, director, is a host of things, one might ask how does he do it?  A huge part of the magic is that voice, the main purpose he exist, and it consumes you whole.


On August 1st something - like the Biggie Smalls track, Brooklyn was hanged with the birth of a Leo. Ronnie, the eldest sibling of four in the household was enveloped street life.  Although school was great and teachers adored Ronnie, ultimately the pull of the streets affiliation robbed him of a decent high school education. Everyday he had to fight his way through. One fateful day the heavens opened while at the Boys & Girls club. Photography stole his heart, and luckily for the creative world it had greater influence than the street life.


Photography, cinematography and change of scenery awakened a sleeping genius. In Ronnie’s case the phenom focused on joining an R&B group at the age of 13. Unknowingly, this too became a way to capitalize on all of his talents. Walka took control by designing his own CD covers, photography you name it, cutting turn around in half.   Maybe it's his driving

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professionalism, charm or demeanor... or perhaps his innate ability to recognize the needs of others in his audience who've experienced a tough journey. He connects. Reminiscent of Sam Cooke in soul, Teddy Pentergrass in realness, Al Green in swag, splash of Charlie Wilson in depth all of which is heard in his mellifluous vocals and delivery. This, coupled with sheer ambition to make it to the other side of adversity is what helped continuously push him into his purpose.


Ronnie’s untamable passion to supply his audiences needs can be heard in the smash hit “Sex Tape”. Once you hear the song and concept, it will elevate your perspective on his entire project. Every inch of his creative articulation it's vibrantly thought provoking. In a nutshell the answer to “Who is Ronnie Walka?” lies within his 20+ years of experiences combined with his talent and national recognition, which result in new and repeat bookings nationwide.  Tunnel vision and precision is what is bringing the success. You might find him performing at South By South West or interviewing with IHeart Radio. As event filled as his life may be, his Mom is what's closest to his heart. One of the reasons he's never broken one, and sings the blueprint on how to mend one back together.